Our school offers:

  • Traditional Gung Fu Training
  • Self Defence and Sparring Instruction
  • Traditional Weapons Training
  • Herbal & Massage Treatment and Instruction
  • Internal Training (Chi Gung, Soft Movement)
  • Small class sizes

"Helping ordinary people develop
extraordinary confidence, fitness, and skill"

Barry Adkins provides insight into how to deliver quality martial arts and self defence instruction.
A senior instructor teaches how to apply a kung fu technique to a self defence situation.
Sifu Barry Adkins has been teaching White Crane Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Full Contact Martial Arts, and Self Defence in Kamloops since 1973.

Specific classes for:

  • Adult Traditional Gung Fu
  • Children's Gung Fu
  • Adult Kickboxing
  • Adult Mein Loi Jum
    (White Crane Soft / Internal Training)
  • Private Lessons / Consultations
A youth enjoys developing his martial arts skills.