White Crane Black Belts
Recognized by SiFu Barry Adkins

Martial arts black belts get the chance to study traditional weapons, such as the Pak Fu Do, or White Tiger Knife.
Sifu Adkins is looking forward to teaching the next generation of kamloops martial artists.
The gim, or straight sword, is one of the highest levels of movement in Pak Hok Pai.
Rupert Trottier (1975)
Chris Kenny (1978)
Mike Mori (1978)
Allan Echino (1978)
Gary Schneider (1978)
Tom LaRoche (1978)
Pat Finucane (1978)
Jan Steffen (1984)
Dev Mitra (1986)
Terry Stone (1986)
Mike Braden (1986)
Gwen Kreps (1988)
Jim Brown (1988)
Greg Ducharme (1990)
Ron Cantin (1990)
Terry Barrett (1990)
Terry Williams (1990)
Mike Mueller (1990)
Willie Stammers (1990)
Claire Popko (1990)
Eugene Roy (1990)
Robert Wielgoz (1994)
Conrad Scott (1997)
Michael Choi (2005)
Steve Mechem (2006)
Kevin Wourms (2006)
Eric Will (2006)
Excellent technique is one of the components of developing strong self defence skills.
The toa kuen, or fighting forms, as as a record of white crane martial arts movements and application.
Eric Will, a pak hok black belt, works to develop his ability with weapons.
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