Honorable Service Awards

Sifu Ken Dickson, a martial arts master, opened the kamloops school with Sifu Barry Adkins in 1973.
Sifu Ken Dickson opened the original White Crane School in Kamloops alongside Sifu Barry Adkins in 1973. He was formally adopted into the White Crane family, alongside Sifu Adkins, through the BiSi ceremony by SiGung Vincent Chow. Sifu Dickson is a highly skilled and knowledgeable White Crane Master, and the Kamloops school owes him unending gratitude for his role in bringing Pak Hok Pai (White Crane Gung Fu) to Kamloops. He continues to be a respected master and honoured friend to our school.
There are many people who, while not attaining a black belt or recognition as a competitor, have provided valuable service to our school. While impossible to name them all, we want to express our gratitude to the following individuals who represent everyone who has contributed their time, enthusiasm, and talents (whether doing renovations, fabricating equipment, organizing events, or helping to teach classes) throughout the history of our organization.
Cam MacMaster
Dave Thomas
Kerry Lepick
Tim Roche
Cheryl Churchman
Peter Avromic
Jim Stump
Paulette Eccleston
Tony Cuzzetto
Rino Cuzzetto
George Galea
Clayton Fernie
Max Lentz
Shane Milman
Wolfgang Machon
John Sharun
Dante Sama
Cheryl Blad
Pat Finucane, while honored as a black belt, also deserves special recognition for his continued commitment to and support of our school.
A newspaper article describing the goals of our kamloops martial arts school.
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