Sifu Akins practicing his martial arts movements.

SiFu Barry Adkins
and his
Ten Tigers

Allan Echino was the first black belt to open a new White Crane school.
Mark Hermiston, a world kickboxing champion, is an even greater gentleman.
Jan Steffen was the only fighter to win his division twice in Hong Kong.
Ton Laroche was a world kickboxing champion and a martial arts blackbelt.
Dev Mitra is known as one of the most technically correct White CRane martial artists.
Bill Chin, who fought in Hong Kong, was an internationally ranked professional fighter.
Terry Stone is known for the strenght of his Pak Hok technique.
Darryl Falk was undefeated as an amateur kickboxer.
Robert Wielgoz is the longest serving black belt, who has the highest level of traditional knowledge.
Kent Gannon was known for the power in his techniques.
The Ten Tigers of Canton was a group made up of the ten top Kung Fu masters in Southern China during the Qing dynasty. Wong Yan-Lam, a White Crane master, was considered by many to be the leader of this group. In a show of respect to these masters of the past, Sifu Adkins has chosen to recognize his ten most accomplished students - five students of White Crane, and five kickboxing competitors - by naming them as his “ten tigers? These few represent the many students Sifu Adkins has developed during his over forty years of teaching martial arts.
To be considered a candidate as one of the ten, White Crane students had to have achieved a senior black belt level of knowledge, have invested a considerable amount of time as a member of the fighting team, and have made a strong contribution to the school’s development. Competitive kickboxers needed to have been a professional or amateur titleholder, or have a significant fight record. As well, they needed to have invested time training in the traditional martial arts school, as well as having helped with the school’s development.
Allen Echino was a fierce competitor, and a skilled martial artist.
Allan Echino is a senior black belt who has competed thoughout British Columbia and Alberta, as well as internationally. He won his weight class free fighting (knees, elbows, and throwing permitted) in Hong Kong. He helped the growth of the art by opening a school in North Bay, Ontario.
Jan Steffen represented Kamloops in international competition.
Jan Steffen is a senior black belt who has competed throughout western Canada, the United States, and internationally. He won his weight class in Hong Kong free fighting competitions two years in a row, as well as touring internationally with our demonstration team. While in Hong Kong, he studied the White Crane Lion Dance style, bringing that tradition with him to our school in Kamloops.
Dev Mitra was a senior martial arts instructor.
Dev Mitra is a senior black belt who has represented the school competitively, as well as in various demonstrations, including being a member of the 1986 World’s Exposition demonstration team. He has given valuable service to the school as a senior instructor, and as event manager for a variety of demonstrations and sanctioned fight cards.
Terry Stone was an excellent Pak Hok Pai black belt.
Terry Stone is a senior black belt who has represented the school in competition, as well as in many demonstrations, including being a member of the 1986 World’s Exposition demonstration team. He has served the school with distinction as a senior instructor, and published a White Crane journal as a source of inspiration and information for the school’s students.
Robert Wielgoz manages the Kamloops White Crane school.
Robert Wielgoz is a senior blackbelt who was the longest serving instructor in the school's history, next to SiFu Adkins himself. He has also served as a coach for kickboxing program, and a lion dance team leader.
Mark Hermiston still contributes his time to develop fighters self defence abilities.
Mark Hermiston captured the World Welterweight Championship as a professional kickboxer, as well as winning Canadian and North American professional titles. As an amateur, he has won British Columbia and Alberta Golden Gloves boxing titles, and has represented our school throughout Canada, the United States, and in Hong Kong. A student of the traditional school as well, Mark has served as a kickboxing trainer, showing the blend of gentleness, respect, and competitiveness necessary to help novice competitors develop.
Tom Laroche is a kamloops based martial artist.
Tom Laroche won the World Welterweight kickboxing championship as a professional, successfully defending his title three times. He also captured the Pacific Northwest title as a professional competitor. He has competed as an amateur and professional throughout North America, as well as in Hong Kong and Australia. A White Crane black belt, Tom has also served as an instructor and demonstration team member.
Bill Chin was a skilled kickboxer, and competitor.
Bill Chin has fought as an amateur and professional kickboxer throughout North America, and was at one time ranked fourth worldwide as a professional lightweight competitor. He reached a significant level as a White Crane martial artist, and represented our school in Hong Kong as both a competitor and demonstration team member.
Darryl Faulk was excellent at giving instruction, as well as sparring and competition.
Darrel Faulk won the Canadian Amateur Heavyweight Championship, and was undefeated as a competitor, only once needing to go into the second round to knock out his opponent. A traditional student as well, Darrel represented our school as a competitor and demonstration team member throughout North America, and in Hong Kong. He has served the school as a professional trainer and corner-man, cornering four world title bouts.
Kent Gannon represented the Kamloops fighting school in many competitions.
Kent Gannon won the Canadian Amateur Welterweight Kickboxing championship, and was at one time ranked tenth worldwide as a professional welterweight competitor. He has also won British Columbia and Alberta Golden Gloves Amateur boxing titles. He has fought as an amateur and a professional throughout Western Canada and the United States, as well as studied traditional White Crane.
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